How to Redeploy ACT! for Web Services

1. Make your changes to the timeout or addons that need to be re deployed to the servers
2. Go to the database Dashboard, Go down to the bottom and click the -> arrow at the top of the box that list the server info.
3. This will bring you to the services page. It should list Sync and Act! for web. Click the Trash can at the top of the box that has Act! for Web. This will delete the Act! for web services.  NOTE:  This will terminate any Act! for Web session that is active on any of these web servers.
4. Click the + in the top most box on the the page to add back Act! for Web.
5. The service will be added and with in 60 seconds new servers will be selected for Act! for web, They will be INACTIVE.
6. With in 5 Mins the Act For Web Servers will configure them selves to support the database with the new settings you changed for the session time out as well as any Act! for Web Plugins that were added via the Addons area.