If you have added, or already have, eXact Contacts or Hand Held Contacts installed as an add-on, you can edit/ configure these add-ons by clicking on the add-on’s name.  
If you click on eXact Contacts, you will be directed to the Act! eXact Contacts page.  Here you can edit or add users to this add-on.  
To add a user, click the plus sign in the right hand corner. Then you can choose which user from the database you would like to add XC to. Once the user is selected, click the blue save button and the user will be added to the list.   To delete a user, click the red trashcan.  To configure the add-on, click the wrench button in the right hand corner. 
NOTE:  Adding a user will submit a Support Ticket to RTG.  That ticket begins a manual process in which an RTG Support Representative must add the submitted information to the appropriate eXact Contacts server.  Once the user's setup is complete on the XC server, the user will receive an automated email that will detail the next steps to connect their device to the XC Sync Service.  Please be advised that the ticket will be acted upon during normal support hours.  Weekend or after hour submissions may not be completed until the next support session.