When you click the Remotes tab, you will be directed to the Act! Remote Databases page.  This is the same page that can be accessed from the Database Dashboard by click on the To Sync/ Remote widget. 
This page list the Remote Databases for the selected Database and the Remotes Sync information including the  Primary User & Last sync date.
In the top corner are two buttons.  The plus sign will allow you to add new remote databases, and the asterisk will apply updates en mass.  
When the plus sign is clicked, you will be directed to Create Remote Database page. You will need to provide the Database Name and configure the other settings for the remote database.  When you have finished, click the save changes button. 
When you click the asterisk a pop up will appear that will allow you to apply updates en mass. You will need to provide the Master Database name and select what you would like to do to with the Remote Database. This is useful when suspending sync for troubleshooting purposes.