On the Database Dashboard, in the top right corner there is a green wrench.  Clicking this will take you to the Database options page.  This page will show you all the options that have been configured for the database. If you make any changes to the database configuration, click the blue save changes button.
Admin Email Address
The Admin Email will receive email notifications from the ACP system. This is not where you specify your email address to get alerts via email. Examples of notifications the admin will receive: New Version of Act! Available, Database has exceeded the allowed space.

Act! For Web User Session Timeout
By default Act! for web is configured to timeout a users session after 20 minutes. This value can be changed here.
Note: changing this no longer automatically deploys the changes to the Act! for web servers, you must delete the Act! for web Services, and add them back. This will cause the Act! for web server to redeployed and configured with the new settings. Any users that are currently logged in, will have their users sessions terminated.
More info Here on how to re deploy the Act For Web Services http://kb.actcloudportal.com/kb/a205

Act! Cloud Performance Level
ACP provides multiple levels of performance for databases. This allows customers who are on a budget to still have their Act! database hosted by using the economy tier. The professional tier provides a higher performance and more value add.

Detach from Contract
A production Act! database is attached to a contract that specifics the details on the service level agreement. If you want to replace an Act! database with a new one, you must first detach the contract from the existing Act! database.