Database Account Type
In this step you will select if the database is production or a demo trial database. Providing this information will help insure that the database is set up correctly and that you receive the proper alerts for this database. 
Customer Info 
If you are uploading a Demo Database you will be required to provide the customers information so that it can be used in communication and quotes. All fields are required.
If you selected to create a production database you will need to select an existing contract. Contracts only exist after a customer has accepted a quote online. 
Database Settings
In this step you will supply the administrator email address for the database.  You will also need to select the version of Act! you want the database deployed to and how the sync should be configured.
Note : A Reverse Sync is a Remote Database that is hosted in ACP. This is an advanced configuration and you should contact support about setting up databases of this type prior to doing it.
Database Name
In this step, you will need to input the Database Name and the Display name. There are naming restrictions for the Database Name so please read them carefully. Most of these are the same naming restrictions that SQL server imposes on SQL database names.
Database naming rules: 
1. Must be at least 8 character long, max length is 25
2. Must start with a letter
3. Can contain letters, numbers and Underscore "_"
TIP! Its suggested that you do not use the words ACT, MASTER, RDB, DEMO or the current version number as what a databases maybe can change, but the only way to change its name is to create it again in ACP.
The Display name, however, is a non-restrictive name the database. 
After you have completed the naming of the database, click the green finish button in the upper right corner. This will take you to Step 2.