Under the Account Dashboard widgets is list of the Act! databases that you have hosted inside ACP.
Above the list of Act! databases there is a tool bar to help manage the list of database.
The tool bar contains three icons. 
The plus sign icon that will allow you to add a new Act! Database. This icon will redirect you to the New Database Wizard.  This is the same as the magic wand in the Top Black Account Bar.
The download icon that will allow you to download and export a list databases that are hosted inside ACP.
The minimize arrow that will minimize or expand your list of databases. 
The database list features a search field that will search for any of the text that is  displayed in the list. This is very useful when you have many databases inside ACP.
Under the tool bar is your list of databases. Here you can select any database that you would like to manage. To select a database, click on the database name or the blue edit icon on the right. If you select an Act! database, you will be redirected to that database’s dashboard. 
To delete a database, you can do this from the Account Dashboard. To delete a database click the red trashcan button on the right side of the screen. You will then be asked to confirm your deletion.  You can also exit out of the deletion process before its finalized. 
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